Now looking for investors

Wednesday 17 February 2016
Since launching GrandBudget almost one year ago, we are happy to report a stable product. We are now looking for an investor to help develop this product further and make it a commercial success. If you can help please contact us in the About / Contact Us section above.

GrandBudget White-label

Friday 1 May 2015
We are pleased to announce we're now offering GrandBudget as a white-label product. We can re-brand our product to suit your company. Examples of the type of set-up would be an Accounting / financial planning company that wants to add this app on their website. Their customers or in fact other members of the public (if wanted) can then create their own budget and manage it all within the website. Contact us for pricing information.

Enhancement Requests

Monday 27 April 2015
We're now accepting enhancement / change requests. If you would like a new feature or changes to our app, feel free to contact us. We are now accepting suggestions to improve your experience with our app.

App Update - New Search Filter

Monday 6 April 2015
New Search Filter "Last 30 Items" has now been added in the "Spend" screen. Use this filter to show last 30 Spend items you entered sorted by newest first.

We have launched the new GrandBudget App

Sunday 22 March 2015
Hope you all enjoy the new budgeting application with auto categorisation. There is also the ability to import your bank statements from any bank! Simply add a new import type and you can start importing excel or csv statements from that bank without any need for modification! Saves you heaps of time...